May 29, 2016

Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3


Yohji Yamamoto is a legend himself.  His ongoing collaboration with the sportswear powerhouse, Adidas, is just an extension of that.  Yamamoto’s partnership, known to us as Y-3, has been a prominent force in the fashion-sportswear world for the past 13 years.  His mastery of the aesthetic avant-garde manifests itself within his collections, and is no different for his Spring-Summer 2016 collection that incorporates motion.  

The Spring-Summer 2016 Y-3 show erupts with a performance by the TAO dance theater that mimics the central theme of motion. As the performers dance, both men and women walk down the runway wearing dramatic garments that are adorned with the symbolic stripe motif, as homage to the collaborator.  As the show progresses, the stripes transform into the energetic electric lines as a manifestation of both action and motion.  The show demonstrates Yamamoto’s transformation of athleticism into an experimental aesthetic.

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