May 07, 2014





  Emerging out of Los Angeles, Second/Layer is the birthchild of friends A Franco, Jacob Willis and Joshua Willis who debuted their first Spring 2012 Collection at New York Fashion Week. Tailored with a unisex,amorphous minimal aesthetic, Second/ Layer's line is built for the confident sartorialist with an eye for detail, yet can appreciate simplicity as the benchmark for perfection. Second/ Layer is another line that manages to garner the respect of an "I like Art" fashion forward audience, while also earning the thumbs up from the sneakers and streetwear community. One of the jackets is without a lapel, making the garment much like hybrid between a trench and a cape, yet it all works, with the bravado to take risks. At the nucleus of each design is the synergy of clean silhouettes, flexible- daily wear through the smartest of proportion, that achieves a gender-free form. Thus, the designers dedication to quality, innovative and heritage is apparent, further fueling the brand.

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