April 03, 2015

69 Worldwide



With no real emphasis on gender specific styles, 69 is a pioneer in the future of the fashion world.  Launched in 2011,  69 focuses on everything denim and have stayed true to that to date.  The designer, A. Halford, a mystery him/herself, 69 let individuals take on the collection themselves, interacting with the garments without the designer dictating on how they should be worn. The brand is meant to be perceived for what it is, without any bias that can come along with the identity of the designer.  Deemed “non-demographic,” 69 let the individuals determine how they want to wear the garment.  Taking the traditional silhouettes from t-shirts to dresses, 69 makes them unique and timeless.  All products are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.  

Select pieces are available now online at TheCelect.com and instores at The Celect Costa Mesa.


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