April 22, 2015

Shaina Mote

   With the modern prevalence of monochromatic minimalism, it is difficult to stand out within the crowd. However, Shaina Mote manages to do this effortlessly,time after time.  Her well curated and carefully considered collection consists of dresses, pants, top and pants with symmetrical lines, mature silhouettes with a virtuoso understanding of deconstructed elegance.

    Focused on creating sharp, timeless everyday staples using renewed plant based fibers, Shaina Mote is a refreshing breed of designer that brings much to the table. The effort to curb fast fashion lies in Shaina Mote's ethos to provide sleek, transformative staples with environmentally conscious fabrics. Priority lies in providing sustainable fabrics by working with material that is locally sourced and dead-stocked. Through the alignment of clever detailing along with subtle cues, the line offers a versatile selection of quality garments that grow and evolve with the wearer in coming years.


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