January 12, 2017


Created in 1993, PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE is a ready-to-wear collection for the modern day woman to suit her every need. It combines elegance and functionality through the collection's designs and innovative pleating technique that is unique to this line.

Issey Miyake began experimenting with pleats in 1988 after his ISSEY MIYAKE A-ŪN exhibition. He was inspired by William Forsythe's production The Loss of Small Detail for the Fankfurt Ballet to create a new type of pleated clothing that emphasizes and enhances movement.

Clothing that uses the traditional pleating technique pleats the fabric first, then cuts and sews the garment together. For a more unique and dynamic effect, Miyake discovered a new pleating technology called "garment pleating" that uses a specific lightweight knitted material. Instead of pleating the fabric first, "garment pleating" cuts and sews an oversized piece of cloth into the desired silhouette and is then sandwiched between two layers of washi paper and put through a heat press which engrains the shape into the fabric's "memory".

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