the numbers 1-9 are meaningful to me as a designer as they form the foundation of all other numbers besides the no. 0.



like the origination of numbers, i want my designs to be true to their original form and purpose. the material of my pieces can vary however the form will always stay the same. in other words, you only know where to go when you know where you come from...that is true in life and no different within my designs.



everything i do begins with one thought, one purpose and from there it develops.  the more you understand the original form the more we develop in a certain way and creative way.  it is important to me to make that statement clear through my designs.


我的设计发展于一个想法一个目标越了解原始形态越有助于我们有创意的发展。这个信念对于我的设计来说非常重要。     设计师/创意总监:s.l.

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