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We collaborated with photographer Brian Tampol on a photo shoot based around super powers such as Hearing, Strength, Telekinesis, and Force Fields. To see more of his work click here

Photos @trianbampol
Hair @haircutassasin
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We worked with Chapter on a series of photos of like minded creative types. Thanks Landy,Faith and the Chapter team for making it happen. For a full review click here



      In world where loud, overbearing statements are an abundance, the truly refreshing brands stay true to a minimal aesthetic and free themselves from distraction. Black Crane is the quintessence of this ethos, showcasing a refined aesthetic that speaks volumes to Japanese design. Founders Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki are not shy to showcase their Japanese roots that are filled with heritage and the beauty of culture. Focusing on a silhouette that formulates supple lines and comfort, Black Crane's aesthetic is minimal and edgy.

Momoko and Alexander take environmental issues very seriously, as all their materials are locally sourced as well as production based in Los Angeles.All production process including fabric weaving take place locally in Los Angeles. Black Crane’s designer, Alexander Yamaguchi who is skilled in silkscreen printing and patterning, also has his own brand, under his own name: Alexander Yamaguchi. With Momoko’s background in environmental art and architecture, they influence each other and reflect their inspiration in their clothes.


     Reinventing menswear is no easy task, and this is what Robert Geller has done in the last few years with this modern, yet whimsical sensibilities. Utilizing high quality construction and minimal garments with his use of "modern dandy" Geller has gained a vast array of tastemakers, fans and pundits on the world stage. The German-born, New York raised designer had stints at both Marc Jacobs and Cloak before starting his namesake label in 2007.

"My whole existence, I've been trying to create beautiful things, and to do that takes a certain sensitivity. You can see that mood expressed in my creations."

The juxtaposition of Robert's masculinity and his more sensitive side came out when in talks about his family & wife. Its Robert's inherent ability to create things that are both rugged, yet emotive that makes his work powerful and puts him in a class of his own.

The Robert Geller brand has also helped breakdown down the barrier between streetwear and luxury fashion throughout employing immaculate tailoring and construction. This look has come to dominate the way guys dress around New York City, where drop-crotch sweatpants that were hand-sewn in Japan and fancy running shoes that aren't actually meant for running have taken over where raw denim and the Americana-craze left off. But in fashion (an industry where designers have to work at least six months to two years ahead), and in New York City (a place where buildings transmogrify from factories to DIY venues to Whole Foods in the blink of an eye), it's not about where you've been, but where you're going.


Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden. The original frame, Type 01, takes inspiration from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in Ingmar Bergman's 1966 film, Persona.

Sun Buddies originates from the people behind clothing brand and retailer Très Bien and the collection got a head start when friends and colleagues in the fashion industry started wearing them. Collaborations with designers, photographers and artists are essential and the name ‘Sun Buddies’ is a homage to these friends and creatives.

Liberty or Death draws upon the common theme of reintrepreting modern menswear and specializing in mastering a single craft. In a day and age where fast fashion is encompassing the marketplace, Liberty or Death is a breath of fresh air with its beautifully, sourced Rabbit Felt Hats. Lightweight, durable, and locally sourced, these Liberty or Death hats embody the essence of modern menswear mixed with old world craftsmanship, an artform that has been long lost.

Liberty or Death is a refined lifestyle brand that reflects and illustrates the downtown lifestyle, an homage to Americana with a modern twist through its carefully sourced design sensibilities and taste. Handsourced and blocked in NYC, The Liberty or death Rabbit Felt hats represent the quintessence of old world craftsmanship with new world elegance.

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